Thursday, 11 November 2010

The woes of an inadequate stash

Today looks to be shaping up to be wet and woolly (which in our house means stormy) and I'm sat nursing my daughter on the sofa with a damp cat curled up beside me.

It's 7:30 in the morning and I'm in a musing frame of mind and the phone is handy so I can write this.

With change in seasons my thoughts have been turning towards hats, particularly hats that I could crochet. Hats are after all small, quickly made and shouldn't be too difficult as projects worked around a small baby. In fact they sound ideal.

Why then am I having problems getting started?

I think the answer can be summed up as - my stash is not fit for purpose.

I've reluctantly come to this conclusion as I've tried to match patterns for baby hats to the yarns I actually own. Baby hats sound like a good idea after all because I have a baby, she's still young enough not to protest about my fashion choices on her behalf and lacking much in the way of hair she needs hats. The problem is that her little head is very sensitive and trying to get a warm, snugly but soft yarn in a colour I'm happy to put on a baby is proving a challenge.

Fingers crossed I find a suitable yarn soon or I may need to buy something. But if so, what sort of yarn should I be looking for?

This post was brought to you by a frustrated crocheting mummy with an inadequate stash.