Friday, 31 August 2012

Meet Douglas

I may actually be along with a crochet related post fairly soon having managed to finish a project at long last.

In the meantime, please let me introduce Douglas.

Douglas helps M and Baby to do some drawing.

Douglas is a bag puppet which M made herself. I spotted the idea over on An Ordinary Life? a few months back and have been waiting for an opportunity to let M have a go. I sold the idea as doing some sticking which caught M's imagination along with the googly eyes when I dug them out of the craft box.

The aim here was to end up with a recognisable puppet but allow M to take as much creative ownership of the project as possible rather than sitting there and guiding her hands.

I prep'd the bag by applying strips of double sided sticky tape to the top and in approximate locations for the eyes. After that I pre cut lengths of yarn for hair and applied liberal amounts of glue stick to the rest of the bag.

I explained to M that we were making a puppet, showed her the bag, pointed out the sticky tape and then let her loose with googly eyes, yarn strands and various bits we have on hand for sticking. M had fun sorting the eyes for a few minutes and then got stuck in, making Douglas's face with careful consideration. She even made him two hair clips to try to tame his hair.

When M had finished we admired the new puppet and M declared:-

"It's a puppet. It's Douglas. Called Douglas."

And so he was named.