Monday, 9 June 2014

And That's Teamwork

M is a girl of many passions and has an eclectic mix of interests. Cars, trains, heavy plant, horses, sheep, cows, yarn and ballet are all daily conversational topics in our house. M also loves art and craft, treating such activities as a co-operative, collaborative process which accounts for most of my efforts on the crafting front these days.

It should come as no should come as no surprise to me that flicking through an old Early Learning Centre's catalogue looking for collage inspiration should come to a halt at picture of two girls running through a field dressed as princesses. M immediately cut the page out and then in half, effectively removing a Disney-esque outfit.

"Mummy, trace her!" M said, waving the remaining little girl at me before continuing.  "Then transfer her onto a piece of paper twice."
Traced images
And so started the current obsession with this image.
I trace, transfer and draw over the top, darkening the lines. M colours it in. We're a team. :-)