Sunday, 15 June 2008

Picnic in the park

Dave tells me my bicycle is once more working. He took it to the shop on Friday and it was sorted after five minutes of fiddling. Apparently it was the gear cable, which had stretched again (this is the second time it's happened). They also tweaked my brakes which had been catching slightly... I've yet to test ride it, but fingers crossed it will be OK.

Yesterday, we headed for Coventry's War Memorial Park for our picnic. We had a good turn out, seeing the usual suspects plus a few others, along with children, spouses and friends. Some knitting was achieved, so we did indeed knit in public on World Wide Knitting in Public Day and we ate quite a lot of food, as everyone generously donated to the spread.

I made some potato salad, which was yummy if I say so myself and also took along sliced carrots, chips and dips. My thanks to Dave who scrubbed the potatoes for the salad, so I could get them on to cook in a timely fashion.

I was shocked at the price of ice cream in the park... I swear the ice cream man was adding 50p purely for the privilege of buying it inside the park. Pure profiteering!

The rain held off, with the promised showers not appearing so all was good. The only problem was the frizbe hazard, with poor Lynne dropping stitches after being hit in the head! I believe Esther had a near miss too and she was cradling her youngest at the time. We also had to shoo off a few dogs who had an eye on the contents of our picnic blankets... As Dave said, their owners needed better training!

After returning from eating and knitting in the great outdoors, Dave and I decided to go watch the latest Indiana Jones movie. What can I say other than it was silly fun. We both enjoyed it and came out happy.

All in all, a good day.


  1. So did you buy ice cream and fund the vendors new Rolls-Royce

  2. I was a hazard :-O

    Hope I didn't hurt too much!

    Glad you had a nice day out, knitting in public day, lol, if only I'd have known!

    I'm getting a new bike soon too, courtesy of Carol, who is throwing it out, as hasn't been used in two years, bargin says I.