Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fluff ordered...

I've just bitten the bullet and placed my first order with Wingham Wools for some Bluefaced Leceister fibre in 'Humbug' which looks like a very pretty blend of natural browns. I wanted something I know will be easy to spin (in theory at least) and from the tiny bit of BFL I've spun on my spindle, I know it should be nice stuff... Besides which I've had a personal recommendation from Mandy.

Not that I've done much spinning lately, although I did get my spindle out for ten minutes on Monday as I drank a cup of tea before rushing into work. I'm beginning to wonder if I need a bigger spindle... I like my little spindle but it doesn't hold much yarn before it's full and I've no idea how heavy it is. When I bought it I didn't know I should worry about such things.

Not much has happened on the knitting front either, although I am plodding away on the second of a pair of manly socks and fast approaching the heel. This is all part of my ongoing aim to finish projects before I start any more. So far so good, I've resisted the lure of casting on... Although it's getting tough to hang in there.

The reason I haven't made much progress was because we headed off on what is my last purely camping LARP event of the year with AscendancyLRP. Not my last event of the year, but at least things start to calm down a little, which is good as work is frightening at the moment.

The event itself was fast paced and structured more like a linear than usual as we moved from site to site in character. We'd traipse off through the woods, while the crew re-invented the dutch barn on site as a new location. What was more the weather was kind to us and it did NOT rain!!!! The clear skies meant it was cold at night but dry, with the mud underfoot steadily drying as the weekend progressed. We even got to use the storm kettle, which has sadly been underused this year due to the miserable weather.

The slugs were still very much in evidence though, including a fat orange one that I caught trying to limbo under the lid of the food box on Friday night. Yuk!

No other news, except that Richard passed us a cardboard tank (i.e. a cardboard box shaped like a tank) for the cats to play with. Dave spent all of Monday night figuring out how to assemble it but once it was put together we realised that the manufacturers had woefully underestimated how big a cat can get. With the turret on, I don't think Charlie could get more than his head inside and Missy would have to do some sort of gymnastics unbecoming of her dignity to manage it.

There was nothing for it but to seperate the turret from the body of the tank, so the cats can at least get inside. We've draped it with cat toys but so far they're avoiding it, preferring their paper bags... But I shall persevere, I think they need to be lured into it with a cat nip laced dangly thing (otherwise known as a fishing rod toy). If they take to it, there may be photo's later.


  1. Shame about the tank not being Charlie sized, but did make me laugh that they couldn't get in, I tried to get in drivers seat real 2nd world war tank once and decided without dislocating my arms I would be stuck so stoped in the turret. (Bet Jasmine would fit)

  2. will be interested to see the wool when it arrives there is enough space currently I am considering if I can get the wheel out now!

    very intreged to see a couple of people spinning fabric strips on craftster recently