Saturday, 27 March 2010

Not at all happy!

I've been making slow progress with my sock, having turned the heel and knitted the gusset, but I was dismayed to discover this...

A knot! In my self striping sock yarn!

Which means it's going to disrupt my stripes.

The sudden jump from white to pink, when that pink repeats in two patterns would be difficult to match up for the second sock and the fact that I only have a single ball of the yarn means I don't have much leeway for maneuvering.

This means this pair of socks will be fraternal rather than identical twins; the stripes will not match up at all. Those who know me, know how I love my stripes to match on both socks so will know this is something of a blow.

For future reference, the yarn in question is Wendy Happy (Ravelry Link). It's a pretty bamboo sock yarn and I fell for it a while back, buying several different colourways. At the moment I'm finding the name rather ironic. Knots in self striping sock yarn do not make me 'happy'... In fact they are very frustrating!

Ah well... Rant over.

1 comment:

  1. Oh what a pain .........but im sure they will still turn out beautifull