Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Making the most of Easter

Easter has been and gone already, which was (thanks to the upcoming royal wedding), the first of two back to back double bank holiday weekends. With work continuing to be horribly stressful I was determined to do something fun especially since Dave decided to stay at home rather than abandoning us for Maelstrom as is his usual habit.

Fun turned out to be a trip out to Coombe Abbey Country Park on Saturday for which Richard joined us and on Sunday we headed to Ryton Gardens.

Our last trip to Coombe Abbey took place just a couple of weeks before M was born, when walking any distance at all was painful on my poor swollen feet. Then, the park seemed impossibly huge as I tentatively picked my way along the paths... On Saturday however I'm pleased to say Coombe Abbey seemed much more manageable and we saw a lot more of the park.

April has been unreasonably warm and the full blossoms of a cherry tree provided welcome shelter from the sun.

After which we walked through some woodland with very big trees, finding an obstacle course and playground aimed at children much bigger than M. Naturally Dave had to put it to the test as did quite a few other dad's.

We had a picnic lunch and a very excited M was persuaded to have a sleep before we went for a brief wander beside the lake, eventually admitting defeat because the sun was too fierce.

Ryton Gardens lived up to expectations on Sunday and having visited there a few weeks ago it was fascinating to see how the place has changed in such a short time. With no particular agenda or schedule to keep to, we allowed M out of the sling so she could wander around and seeing her cruising around garden benches really brought home to me how fast she's growing. M was again very excited to be out and about; we had to hastily intervene several times to stop her eating sticks or leaves but she loved it.

I also discovered that eating a picnic lunch with an awake baby on my lap meant I was obliged to share.

All in all, both days out were good, relaxing and fun. Just what the doctor ordered and I mostly avoided thinking about work. With a double bank holiday I reverted to just being M's mummy for a couple of days, which was great.

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