Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Sunday trip to the park

It has been another scorcher of a day here in Coventry so we decided to make the most of it and headed to a local park. Sadly we don't have any nice parks within easy walking distance, the few we have tried are small, prone to dog poo, vandalism (sometimes involving dog poo), have poor play equipment or attract the wrong kind of visitor. This means that to find what we consider a nice park we have to get in the car so when I say local, I mean in or near Coventry.

In the case of this morning we packed up a picnic, M's trike, Ray (a soft toy who doesn't like to be left out), a ball and headed to Allesley Park. We started off with a gentle stroll and some peddling practice for M who managed to move the trike forward under her own power for the first time today, something that drew many admiring remarks from both Dave and myself.

M peddling unaided at Allesley Park (14 July 2013)
We were pleasantly surprised to discover a small part of the park had been seeded with wild flowers.

It really was pretty. Both Dave and I are going to need to brush up on our wild flower identification skills though.

Fortunately M wasn't as impressed by flowers as we were so didn't ask us any difficult questions!

M was more interested in the pond where we saw lots of tadpoles, two squabbling dragonflies and several frisky damselflies. No pics I'm afraid. I did try to capture some of these, but couldn't see them on the phone's screen due to excessive sunlight and hence was photographing blind!

Walk done we headed to the playground where M enjoyed the swings.

M laughing and having fun on the swings at Allesley Park (14 July 2013)
We had our picnic and caught up with some friends which was lovely. Today M's inspiration was The Highway Rat which led to some tricky moments when she tried to steal her Daddy's sandwiches, but not to worry Dave managed to outwit her so didn't starve.

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