Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It huffed and it puffed...

This weekend saw some pretty impressive storms hit Wales and since it was a Bank Holiday, naturally we were camping for the duration at an AscendancyLRP event. Things didn't start too badly, with showers on Friday but nothing too severe. Saturday though, the winds picked up dramatically, so much so that the roof of the gazeebo we use to house our camp kitchen suffered a puncture when a very sharp bit of tree fell through it!

After that, the theme had been set for the weekend with heavy showers and gusts of wind which weren't going anywhere. Things weren't too bad and we coped with only some slight mishaps on Monday morning, although we did hear of others tales of woe as their tents collapsed. The weirdest thing, from my point of view at least, was lying in the tent at night, with the inner flysheet billowing around me and listening to the integral groundsheet lifting off the floor. It sounded for all the world like someone was walking around the bed!

Other than the weather, the weekend was an OK one I guess although rather marred for me since my shoulder was playing up. I hurt it a couple of weeks ago and it had been on the mend, but after a little light sword play on Friday night I woke up on Saturday morning to agony. Even breathing was an issue. Fortunately, a first aider with some skill in massage was available to look at it so after pain killers, half an hour of manipulation and sitting out for the morning I could move again without wincing, but needless to say I was being careful for the rest of the weekend and the sword was put away. Ho hum.


  1. You also did all the running over rough terrain during the gun play and going up the sand dune, your knee seemed to hold up, I hope it's ok.

  2. I missed quite a few things out, mostly because I spent yesterday morning unpacking like a crazy woman and doing laundry. By the time I got the computer, I had ten minutes available, while eating a hastily made sandwich and drinking much needed tea. Hence a very, very short post.

    My knee is aching.

    It didn't like me running over rough terrain, which was why I was trying to go get a cuppa and sit down (i.e. rest) when my arm was twisted into going out on the dunes against my better judgement. I climbed that big sand dune because I wanted to know what was going on... Sunday was a hard day physically and I took something of a battering this weekend.

    I'll recover, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again for a while!

  3. Lol at someone walking around the bed. Ouch for the shoulder and the knee, hope they're not too bad for you today. Hope your working week from hell with the upgrades is going ok too.

  4. Tag, you have been tagged with a blogging meme, full details for copy and paste on my blog, go girl!