Monday, 7 July 2008

A day out in Lichfield

Due to the miserable weather which is often typical of British summertime, this is as far as I've got with setting eyelets on the tent this weekend.

And this is despite having Friday off work while I waited in for workmen. We're having summer showers of the sheet rain kind, meaning it can go from brilliant sunshine one minute to torrential downpour the next... Which is not good weather for dragging a tent out of the shed, laying it out on the lawn or banging eyelets into it.

The sun is out at the moment, but it was raining less than ten minutes ago... So I'm doubtful I'll get a clear window of a couple of hours which is what I'll need to get started on this.

Setting that one eyelet took over half an hour as I tried out different size holes - the hole getting progressively smaller with each attempt. Due to the size of the eyelet (1/2 inch) there's nothing for it but to whack the eyelets in with a hammer so I reckon I need to allow about fifteen minutes for each one. All of which means there is several hours work in those eyelets.

Saturday, after waking up to sheet rain that gave the cats pause for thought, we decided to drive to Lichfield for the Medieval Fayre. This is a tourist affair, rather than being a medieval market for re-enactors or those interested in history, which was what we were expecting so no problems there. Entertainment had been laid on in front of the cathedral but to be honest we didn't hang around there very long, being drawn to browsing the stalls and then taking refuge inside the Cathedral from the weather.

I haven't been inside a proper cathedral in a while, so it was a treat. We watched a puppet show telling the tale of Jonah and the Whale for a while and then wondered around soaking up the atmosphere. They sure did know how to build cathedrals back then!

Panning upwards with the camera at the sky, you can hopefully see the British weather in action. Whilst the sun was out when I took the photograph, it was spitting rain at the same time.

Some ten minutes after that, the heavens opened again and we fled the fayre heading back into Lichfield proper and hiding in bookshops. We also (or rather I with Dave in tow) made a point of visiting Spellbound Beads, where I succumbed to pretty packs of beads being sold like sweeties. I really do need to do some beadwork soon I think. I keep putting it off as I lack inspiration and a local supply of beads!

Finally, some pictures of owls who were sitting under umbrella's whenever I walked past. They didn't look too impressed, either with the crowds or the weather.

(As always, click on the photograph's to see bigger versions...)

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  1. The kids liked the owls too, and I have a nice pot that I really shouldn't have brought, but hell a girl must treat herself once in a while! Sorry you got wet, we just missed it.