Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Entrelac - a definition

We had an entrelac workshop at the Coventry Knit-Wits meet up last week and we were speculating the origins of the word 'entrelac'. We even consulted the resident French member of the group who was similarly mystified.

As I was cycling in this morning, my mind wondered back to the discussion - I'm not sure why exactly - and it struck me "Entre - into, Lac - Lace? Possibly, interwoven lace? Interlaced?"

Curiousity well and truely piqued and being someone who's always interested in the origin of words I looked it up...

a decorative border of interlaced garlands and leaves.
[Origin: F; akin to entrelacer to interlace]

So there you have it, my half remembered French obviously came through - eventually. :)


  1. Well done, must be getting more confident on the bike if you can work things out like that.

  2. Hmm, I'd always wondered that myself. Another etymological mystery solved!