Friday, 24 October 2008

The Siege Continues

Still no sign of the water pistol and the campaign of terror by Ginger cat continues unabated. Dave caught him on Wednesday night with the borrowed water pistol and reports that the invading cat ran away, but it hasn't stopped Charlie getting badly mauled this week.

One particularly nasty bite on the back of his ear had me particularly worried to the point I was threatening a visit to the vet. Fortunately, it responded to repeated thorough washing with Hibiscrub (fantastic stuff for cleansing skin around cuts on both humans and cats) and is now healing nicely. Charlie, sweet tempered lump that he is, is very tolerant, allowing me to examine his ear and wash the area, despite the soapy and inevitable sogginess.

I've just emailed the Ebay trader concerned, so I'm hopeful I'll have news of the water pistol soon, although it's not going to stop the maulings since Ginger obviously got him when he was in another garden.


Knitting meanwhile continues, as I try to get through my list of intended Christmas presents.

I've made good progress this week and can't sing the praises of chunky wool and big needles enough! True, the very lightly spun wool is a pain to work, but it grows very, very quickly, meaning I've managed to whip up a five foot (ish) wrap in about ten days! Some blocking is required, which I'll hopefully get to this weekend but for the curious, I've made the Stolen Moments Wrap (Ravelry Link) and it's a great pattern.

The only trouble is, that I think that to really finish it off I need to add a shawl pin. A nice big one. I've spent my lunch hour scouring Etsy and Ebay, but come up empty, so the hunt is on...


  1. Sorry to hear Charlies got in scrap again, I wish I could offer some sound advise to help, but can't think of anything since he's attacked in other peoples gardens.

  2. Re shawl pins - have you tried Purlescence? They have them under "trims" - some nice ones.

  3. Steel breeze - Thanks for that :)

    There are also some nice pins on the Bamboo Knitting centre (