Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Winter is apparently here

Today I cycled in to work because it was dry and clear, except for the odd sleet shower which I dodged with some excellent timing.

It is now snowing!

Spookily and unheard of, the BBC's weather site were absolutely spot on with their forecast. I checked this morning as alarmed to see the Beeb's 24 hour forecast predicting snow at 3pm...

The snow started at 3:05pm.

That kind of accuracy will never be repeated.

In other news, the eBay trader I ordered a water pistol has just refunded my money after two emails to ask where the required toy is. It seems to be lost in the post. This means I shall have to trawl eBay again looking for another one I guess. Ho hum.


  1. Whoopeee - snow!!!!

    Feel free to keep the waterpistol till Spring - DS wont need it until then ( I hope!!)

  2. I know weird isn't it Dominic came running in to ask if I'd brought the washing in so I looked up expecting rain only to see snow flakes I didn't really believe it till I couldn't see out the skylights!