Monday, 4 May 2009

And then there was one...

I can officially state that I now have only one spinning wheel in the house. My original wheel was passed on a couple of weeks ago; finding a new home with someone I hope will get along with it better than I did. Meanwhile I finally took the borrowed wheel back to its rightful owner yesterday, leaving just the wheel I own in the house.

The corner housing the wheel definitely looks more corner like and less cluttered now. Charlie (the cat) has yet to notice that I've stolen one of his favourite hiding places, but I'm sure he'll cope... And yes, Charlie does consider sitting behind a collection of spinning wheels to be a great hiding place.

I plied up another two bobbins of the Blue Faced Leicester and finished the yarn on Saturday evening, washing it and setting the twist. As my second go at plying, I don't think it's turned out as well as the first with some areas of the finished yarn remaining overspun. A lot more practice is required I'm thinking.

On a related note, the lady at work with the small holding decided against giving me a bag of fleece from her attic. She checked it over and reported that it was a bit manky and asked if I minded having fresh fleece instead. Naturally, I assured her that fresh was good and in fact better than stored fleece, and hopefully a bag of freshly shorn Shetland will come my way in June.

In the meantime, the bag of BFL Humbug continues unlimited and is perfect for my practice spinning... Although I hope that I can use the resulting yarn and turn it into something. Eventually.

Finally, by way of a warning, real life continues to be busy at work, with even finding time to read email presenting difficulties. I'm off on another training course this week, so I don't expect much in the way of internet access...

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